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Dharma Story Hour Presents: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

On Wed, 9 December, 2020 - 20:45
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December 19-26th (45-60 minutes)

USA PST 09:30 | Mexico 11.30 | USA EST 12.30 | IE & UK 17.30 | Europe 18.30 CET | India 11pm | Australia AEDT 04.30 (20-27th) | New Zealand NZDT 06.30 (20-27th)

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This year, like everyone else, we’ve been re-telling our tale as a community in the face of great change, struggle and hardship, personal and collective. Having just recently celebrated so well our deep illumined connections it’s time now to get ready together for 2021, resolved to grow as a great international gathering of friends offering the Dharma to the world.

So where better to begin than with story? In the new year we’ll again be offering a range of events and classes, retreats and conversations to help you stay in touch with what matters most in your life and in our shared lives of practice. We’ll also be telling stories here – inviting you to join us for Dharma tales that bring out the best of us for the best and worst of times. Expect puppets, laughter, love. Come for the guest readers and many kinds of wisdom, stay for the warmth of time spent well together.

We realise Dickens is not in everyone’s root cultural landscape – and this won’t be the only kind of story we tell going forward. Yet ‘A Christmas Carol’ is now so well-known around the world we think it’s a great place to start out with our sangha Once upon a times; especially in how it allies with the spiritual journey of the Dharma: sorrow, loneliness, reflection, magic, generosity, goodwill to all beings.

So, come one, come all! For eight days of readings and conversation. We’ll begin with a short talk and Stave One of Scrooge’s redemption tale from Ratnaghosha. And end on Boxing Day with a special celebration called Mrs. Cratchitt’s Christmas Pudding, where Dassini will be inviting everyone to bring their own seasonal feast and take part in a festive book club conversation.

Come for as many days as you wish with your ticket!

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