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Day Four #PilgrimageUnlimited Video Diary: Henley to Wallingford

On Thu, 15 June, 2023 - 22:09
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Emergency provisions, flowering dog roses, and a pre-historic ridgeway through beech woodlands… 🪄🌹🦖🌳

Ratnadharini writes:

Day four - Henley to Wallingford; a mere 12.5 miles, mainly on beautiful tracks through beech woods. The final section was along the chalky Ridgeway path; I’m familiar with other sections, but not this one - which is accompanied by the prehistoric Grim’s Ditch. Forgot to bring lunch, so survived on emergency rations of peanuts and an energy bar - then came across a Church offering free tea and biscuits! Bhante walked 130 miles in the Indian heat, in pursuit of ordination, relying on the generosity of others for food…


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