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Day Nine #PilgrimageUnlimited Video Diary: Winchcombe to Tewkesbury

On Thu, 22 June, 2023 - 00:14
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Day 9: Winchcombe, to Tewkesbury, 11 miles. Wild cows, wild footpaths, wild effort… 🐄 🌱 🔥 

Ratnadharini writes:

I’m overjoyed to see this pilgrimage has inspired nearly 250 to collectively give over £13,000 to Tiratanaloka Unlimited! It’s a project close to my heart. I did so well yesterday, maybe because I used walking poles. Today was harder: detours to avoid frisky cows; negotiating overgrown - or non-existent footpaths; right hip starting to complain… and crossing the M5 was a shock. But Tewkesbury is another pretty town, and the Malvern Hills are in sight!


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[ed: I lost count including Ratnadharini’s rest day in the numbers by accident, resetting the numbers on this one to Day 9, point 2!]

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