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A Mandala of Awakening - Podcast from the UK & Ireland Area Order Convention 2019

On Thu, 8 August, 2019 - 19:47
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Dassini talks to the International Order Convenors, Aryajaya and Lokeshvara, and Vimalamati and Vajrapriya from the International Order Office on day 2 of the UK & Ireland Area Order Convention at Wymondham, UK.

The inspiration for this particular Convention has been to make the programme more retreat-like as well as also having forum spaces to facilitate Order debate and dialogue and we get a sense of how it is going on its second full day. 

We also hear about the ongoing work of the Adhisthana Kula as well as a bit more about what the International Order Office does: “connecting the Order to deepen the Order”.

Finally Vajrapriya, the Co-ordinator of the International Order Office - who will be stepping down from this role by the end of October - shares some of his highlights from the Convention.

Recorded at Wymondham College, UK, August 2019.

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