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Conscious Surrender To The Beautiful - Live Coverage All Weekend

On Thu, 20 August, 2015 - 13:37
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This weekend over 400 members of the Triratna Buddhist Order will gather to share inspiration around the place of the Arts in contemporary Buddhist spiritual life. Timed as part of the celebrations to mark Sangharakshita’s 90th birthday, there will be a host of talks, events, rituals, and happenings exploring poetry and literature, the visual arts and music - all in the glorious setting of Adhisthana and the English countryside. Come rain or shine we’ll be there covering the best of the weekend and bringing it to you if you aren’t able to make it in person… + Follow above to bring the Arts into your life this weekend!

Coverage starts Thursday 20th… We’ll post the key bits here. If you’d like to follow more in real time, here are some other online spaces you can tune into:

Talks and sounds: Free Buddhist Audio, Podcast (iTunes)Soundcloud 
Pictures and video:
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The Religion of Art may be defined as conscious surrender to the Beautiful, especially as manifested in poetry, music, and the visual arts, as a means of breaking up established egocentric patterns of behaviour and protracting one’s experience along the line of egolessness into the starry depths of Reality.

Sangharakshita, The Religion of Art

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