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At the Close of the First Full Day

On Sun, 27 September, 2015 - 15:04
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It is a privilege to be able to support mothers on a retreat and inspiring to see how much impact a relatively short space of time in a place such as Taraloka can have. There is a huge amount of appreciation and the atmosphere on the retreat was warm and friendly from the Friday evening, as mothers connected easily with each other.

This afternoon people met in smaller groups to discuss whatever was arising for them at the time. One mother reported that she had come on the retreat feeling that she had lost her practice since she had children, only to realise that she has been practising intensively all this time. Others were struck by how deeply and honestly it was possible to communicate with people they had only just met on the retreat, around topics where sometimes even close friends had shied away. And a relief to do so. Despite bringing years of tiredness with them, people are really engaged, enjoying the sunshine and there is plenty of laughter.

It is delightful to be part of this retreat and I am, as always, struck by what Taraloka offers as a space and how it is able to hold and support whatever arises for people here. 

Karunagita, Saturday evening

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