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Climate, Conditionality and Karma: Triratna Earth Sangha International Urban Retreat 2023

On Fri, 24 March, 2023 - 11:39
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Climate, Conditionality and Karma

Using the medicine of the Four Reminders, we open to a new Reality

Triratna Earth Sangha Urban Retreat 2023

1-5 June

USA PDT 11:00 | México 12:00 | USA EDT 14:00 | IE & UK 19:00 | Europe CEST20:00 | India IST 23:30 | Australia AEST 04:00 (next day) | New Zealand NZST 06:00 (next day)

Join the Urban Retreat—online or in-person!


We’re really looking forward to this retreat and exploring how the Dharma can support us in relation to the Climate and Ecological Crises. As Buddhists we have something unique to offer the world in this area.

This retreat will be important not just for climate activists but everyone in the Triratna Community who wants to practise the Dharma in the face of these issues.

Part of Buddhist Action Month 2023, and in fulfilment of the European Chairs Assembly’s strategic priority of ‘Dharmic engagement with social and ecological issues’, which is now also a Triratna International Council priority.

The retreat begins a 30-day habit challenge, which extends throughout June.

We hope you can join us at home or with a group at your local centre for the meditations, talks, study and pujas.


Led by members of the Triratna Earth Sangha, including Shantigarbha, Akasaraja, Amaragita, Sarvajit, Buddhasevaka, and others


Further reading: Shantigarbha’s recent book, The Burning House: A Buddhist response to the climate and ecological emergency, published by Windhorse Publications.


Triratna Earth Sangha: Who are we?

A group of Triratna Order members, Mitras and Friends worldwide who are deeply concerned about the climate and ecological crises we face and see it as part of their practice to do something about them. We are all too painfully aware of the Buddha’s core teaching that actions have consequences. The accelerating destruction of ecosystems in the natural world caused by greed, hatred and ignorance is causing untold suffering to beings of many kinds, and we feel that it is our duty as Buddhists to do what we can to raise awareness of the plight of the planet, demonstrate an alternative way of life based on stillness, simplicity and contentment and act to relieve suffering where we can. Website, Facebook group, Slack channel.


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