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Buddhist Economics, Part 2 - Post-Pandemic (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 34)

On Wed, 21 October, 2020 - 21:56
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A bonus episode with extra material from last episode’s wonderful conversation with Vaddhaka, author of ‘The Buddha On Wall Street’.

Listen to part 1 of this conversation

In part 2 of our discussion about the contribution Buddhism may have to make to all matters economic, we turn to the post-pandemic realities now faced around the world. The times prompt a reconsideration of the “attention economy” and its relationship to social inequality when everyone’s lives are much more centred on the web. And we explore the relationship between the “wellbeing economy” and ideas of economic growth; as well as whether the community-led origins of the UK ‘Welfare State’ might serve as a model for the future.

Some fundamental questions are asked and well met: What do we value as  a society? What does human nature tend towards? What does the “common weal” look like after COVID-19? Finding throughout the conversation the opportunities for kindness in our dealings with each other – beyond economic and political positions.

Featured this week
The Buddha On Wall Street by Vaddhaka Linn

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Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman 

Humankind by Rutger Bregman

Cover art, ‘Hold’ by Nagasiddhi


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Really found this a stimulating podcast.  Interesting to see how much has changed in 5 years since Buddha on Wall Street was written. I can see a sequel book perhaps?

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Here is the podcast as a mp3 file.