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The Breath of Change: Tonglen – The Ancient Art of Letting Go and Accepting with Yashobodhi

On Sat, 15 October, 2022 - 15:00
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Four Saturdays and Sundays, December 10/11, 17/18, 24/25, 31/1 January

First weekly session (Saturday/Sunday, 1.5 hours)
USA PST 11:00 | México 13:00 | USA EST 14:00 | IE & UK 19:00 | Europe CET 20:00 | India 00:30 | Australia AEDT 06.00 (Sunday) | New Zealand NZDT 08:00 (Sunday)

Second weekly session (Sunday, 1.5 hours)
USA PST 01:00 | México 03:00 | USA EST 04:00 | IE & UK 09:00 | Europe CET 10:00 | India 14:30 | Australia AEDT 20.00 | New Zealand NZDT 22:00

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This holiday season, The Buddhist Centre Online will again host our annual event offering Tonglen practice with Yashobodhi. If you want some space and peace over Christmas and New Year, join us for ‘The Breath of Change’. You will be in excellent company!

Before we can let go suffering it needs to be received into awareness. Tonglen, a Tibetan word for sending and receiving, is a meditation that is timeless, yet utterly suitable for the challenges of any time. There are plenty of challenges in our world and practising tonglen can help you relate both to your experience and to the experience of others. 

Difficult times can be the base material for compassion. Let’s look after ourselves and others by turning towards our struggles–and extend a hand and a breath to others during the holidays.


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