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Book Launch - Entertaining Cancer: The Buddhist Way

On Thu, 23 December, 2021 - 11:50
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Monday 7 February (1.5 hours)
11.00 US PST | 13.00 Mexico | 14.00 US EST | 19.00 IE & UK | 20.00 Europe CET | 06.00 Australia AEDT (next day) | 08.00 New Zealand (next day)

Windhorse Publications will be holding an online book launch to mark the publication of Entertaining Cancer: The Buddhist Way by Devamitra.

In Entertaining Cancer, Devamitra chronicles his years of treatment for prostate cancer. He describes the fatigue, the heightened sense of being alive, and the discomforts and indignities of treatment. He also draws on the deep well of his Buddhist practice to work with his mind and meet fear, uncertainty and frailty with resolve. It is an entertaining read, full of humour, wit and fantastically funny dialogue.

On Monday 7th February, join Devamitra in conversation with his friend Sthiramanas about the book. With an opportunity for a Q+A at the end.


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