Bhante's Birthday: Celebratory Puja at Adhisthana

On Fri, 20 August, 2021 - 12:24
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Thursday 26th August

13.00 US PST  |  15.00 Mexico  | 16.00 US EST  |  21.00 IE & UK  | 22.00 Europe CET  |  06.00 Australia EDT (next day)  | 08.00 New Zealand (next day)

Thursday the August 26th 2021 would have been the 96th birthday of Urygen Sangharakshita (affectionately called Bhante, meaning ‘teacher’). Through founding the Triratna order and community, Bhante has set up conditions for the Dharma to be communicated in ways we can understand, which can lead to the radical transformation of ourselves and the creation of a new society. 

Each year, on Bhante’s birthday, Triratna Centres across the world celebrate his life and work with a special Puja - a tradition that started in the late 1990s and is set to last 108 years. It is a timeless ritual marking the passing of time, recording those changes through photographs, film, and the signatures in anniversary log-books: a log-book of a community over 108 years. This year marks the 19th year of the 108 years of pujas.

This year, Adhisthana’s annual celebratory puja will take place on the first night of the young people’s festival retreat. We’d love for people (of any age!) to join us for the puja online. It’s a wonderful opportunity to come together to express our gratitude and reflect on the benefits we’ve received from his teaching and his dedication to Buddhism.

​Join the puja on Zoom |  Watch the puja on YouTube

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