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A Beginner's Guide to Wills

On Thu, 8 September, 2016 - 11:37
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Satyadasa, in association with the Abhayaratna Trust, presents an introductory workshop on wills, will writing, and the issues that arise for anyone considering passing on their own legacy. If you’ve ever wondered how to navigate the sea of legal complexity that surrounds the process of what happens to our money and possessions after we die, this is a great starting point!

Much of the information given in this workshop is related primarily to the legal situation in the UK, though the general principles outlined may be relevant in other countries.

The information given in this workshop is is not intended as legal advice and should not be seen as a replacement for obtaining legal advice in your country of residence or anywhere else. 

Satyadasa is a non-practising solicitor and will writer for Greengage Wills in the UK. greengatewills [at] gmail.com (Contact him at ).

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The details covered in this workshop are:
01 Introduction; Why you should write a will
02 Executors and trustees
03 Types of gifts given by will
04 Charities and families
05 Trusts and reasons to use them in wills; Inheritance tax (death duties)
06 Living wills or advanced medical directives; lasting power of attorney
07 Q & A - The proper storage of wills
08 Q & A - Solicitors holding wills and selling probate services 
09 Q & A - Is it worth going to a solicitor for a will if you don’t have much?
10 Q & A - What if I have assets in Europe or internationally?
11 Q & A - Life-interest trusts
12 Q & A - Leaving money to a charity; gift aid and inheritance tax
13 Q & A - Challenging wills
14 Q & A - Re-writing wills
15 Q & A - Issues with using informal processes of trust instead of wills
16 Q & A - Life-interest trusts and inheritance tax
17 Q & A - Wills between different legal systems (eg Scotland and England)
18 Q & A - More on inheritance tax and property
19 Q & A - Funeral arrangements in wills
20 Q & A - Workplace pensions and wills
21 Q & A - Arrranging lasting power of attorney

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Padmavajri's picture

Thanks Satyadasa for covering so much. What you say here has been very helpful.