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Advice to the 100 Fortunate Women - Parami

On Sat, 9 December, 2017 - 10:57
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The closing talk from the women’s area order weekend at Adhisthana in December 2017. The weekend was on the theme of Padmasambhava and the Arising of Faith.

Parami riffs off of the Advice from the Lotus Born given to Yeshe Tsogyal on the conditions for the arising of faith. She talks of a vision she had of Padmasambhava at Dhanakhosa earlier in the year, and her reflections since on the relevance of Padmasambhava to her personally, to the Order, and to the world. She weaves together threads of mythic significance, bearing contradictions and working with the energy of the light and the dark, sequeing between the Dharma of Star Wars, the contemporary sociopolitical state of the world, and the myth of the Order.

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