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Now We Are 5: Happy Birthday To The Buddhist Centre Online!

On Mon, 29 January, 2018 - 13:12
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The Buddhist Centre Online is officially 5 years old this month! We first started conversations about what to do with Triratna’s web presence in 2008 and launched some limited public test spaces in 2011, gradually adding social media channels for the project and starting to experiment with content for it all. But it wasn’t till January 2013 that we launched the site as it is today, and we’re going to mark our first big birthday each month with a series of looks back at some of the best of what’s emerged over the years.

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It’s been a challenge at times to sustain the team for such an ambitious web project with very limited resources, but we’re delighted and grateful to say that with committed funding from Dharmachakra and Free Buddhist AudioFutureDharma and the Triratna European Chairs’ Assembly, we’re looking forward to another five years and more. Over the next two we’ll be focusing on building sustainable mobile web versions of our two main sites – The Buddhist Centre Online itself and Free Buddhist Audio – and mobile apps to go with them. We’ll also be continuing to help re-imagine dedicate Order spaces on our platforms, and engaging online wherever the message of the Dharma might be heard and make a real difference in people’s lives. We hope you’ll continue to find inspiration and encouragement for your own practice here – and move into an even greater, deeper sense of connection with the wider Triratna community around the world.

Thank you for all your support and participation as we’ve grown – we couldn’t have done it without you!

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maitripala's picture

Wow it’s amazing what you have achieved in 5 years!  So many gems have come my way through Buddhist Centre Online. My life and practice has been enhanced by many talks, recommendations for books, reading stories of people’s lives and visuals of places and events. From Australia I feel more fully connected to this world wide movement largely via the work you and your team do Candradasa. Sadhu sadhu sadhu and happy birthday !   Love Maitripala 

Munisha's picture

Dear (and tiny) Buddhist Centre Online Team,

It’s incredible what a part of our lives you have become so swiftly, and with such a miniscule budget. Others beyond Buddhism have done similar but only with far, FAR more money and enormous teams. Thank you for your generosity.

Love, Munisha