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Try the New Free Buddhist Audio for Mobile!

On Fri, 19 August, 2022 - 23:30
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FBA 3.0 public preview now available

We are so excited to bring all our friends early access to the new Free Buddhist Audio, now streaming for mobile and all devices!

The community of Free Buddhist Audio users around the world has responded so generously to our post-pandemic appeal for funds to help turn FBA into a mobile-friendly, streaming audio service ready for the next 15 years.

We’d love you to try it out and send your feedback. You can switch back to the old site at any time. Check it out and help us get FBA 3.0 ready for primetime! Thank you! 🙏

Try out the new FBA (just click/tap on the banner!)


New features on FBA 3.0

  • All-new mobile responsive design for all devices
  • Curated features each week highlighting the best of FBA: classic talks and great new titles
  • Curated, themed collections to explore from across the archive of over 5,000 talks
  • Dedicated easy access to our foundational collection of Sangharakshita’s audio lectures
  • Listening history for logged in users, and retained place in talks listened to recently

Thousands of people around the world rely on FBA for their connection to the Dharma online. Our service is always freely given for the benefit of all. Support us today with your own gift.

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It’s great! Congratulations!

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Well done all of you for all your work on this.

I’m enjoying exploring it. Have particularly enjoyed finding it easy to find all Bhante’s work and also am enjoying that all the audio versions of texts are easy to find (eg Subhadra reading Bhante’s memoirs)