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Free Buddhist Audio: Highlights from 2021

On Fri, 7 January, 2022 - 06:00
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In 2021 Free Buddhist Audio turned 15! Since December 2006 we have been making recordings of high quality, full-length Dharma talks freely available, so that all may access the Dharma.

But of course, Free Buddhist wouldn’t be here without the regular support of individuals like you.

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On Free Buddhist Audio not only will you find the entirety of Sangharakshita’s recorded body of teachings, but also the best of our community’s collective wisdom ringing out for all who want to hear the Dharma. 

Here are 12 highlights from that Dharma treasury in 2021:

1. The Dragon, The Tiger and the Wish-fulfilling Jewel by Vajratara
Sangharakshita has described the Bodhicitta as a myth or symbol that galvanises our energies, something that makes sense of our lives, something emotionally moving that stirs us on a deep level. Vajratara takes us on a journey of a deepening engagement with the Bodhicitta, evoking the Bodhicitta through three myths. Talk given on an ordination retreat at Tiratanaloka retreat centre.

2.  ‘Rites of Passage’ by Nagasiddhi
In this first talk from the ‘In the Footsteps of the Buddha’ retreat, Nagasiddhi invites us to experience the dharma imaginatively: through art and heart. He outlines the turning points or ‘rites of passage’ in the Buddha’s mythic life story that were explored throughout the retreat. Talk given online in April 2021. See dedicated home retreat space for more Dharma talks!

3. ‘Uncontrived Mindfulness’ by Vajradevi
A talk given at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre in June 2021, under the title of ‘Triratna’s System of Practice: Spiritual Receptivity and Just Sitting’. This talk and led meditation by Vajradevi is based on her book Uncontrived Mindfulness, a meditation method drawn from the Satipatthana Sutta.

4. ‘The Guru, the Demon and the Dakini’ by Padmavajra
In this stirring talk, Padmavajra explores the demon in society and in ourselves and how to transform it, drawing on The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava. Talk given at Padmaloka during the Autumn Great Gathering 2021.

5. ‘In Praise of the Change Makers’ by Maitrisara
Maitrisara is Chair of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre. After nearly 40 years working within or in proximity to social and environmental justice movements, this talk illustrates her profound respect for this work and the people who work to protect the earth. Talk recorded July 2021 at Buddhafield Festival.

6. ‘Insight. Imagination and Empathy’ by Ratnaghosha
There is no insight without compassion, and no compassion without insight. Ratnaghosha elucidates the path of transformation as one of expanding more and more into embodying love in all its forms. This talk was given at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre, 2021.

Watch a clip of the talk on the FBA YouTube channel!

7. ‘Love Past the Barriers’ by Dharmashalin
Dharmashalin starts his explorations on love/Metta with the Rumi quote: ‘Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it’ as he interrogates a commonly held belief of love being a far off thing. First in a three talk series on the theme of ‘Love Past the Barriers’ given at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre in 2021.

8. ‘An Introduction to Shinran and the Pure Land’ by Maitrisiddhi
Maitrisiddhi’s magnificent contribution to Glasgow Buddhist Centre’s series on the Pure Land. In it, she introduces us to Shinran, the Japanese teacher on the refuge tree of the Triratna Buddhist Community. Maitrisiddhi explores what Shinran has to tell us about faith and ordinariness. Both encourage us to rest in Metta towards our our unenlightened mind.

9. ‘Love, Life and Death - Working on Mental Health Frontline During the Covid-19 Pandemic’ by Karunavajra
Karunavajra gives a Sangha night talk at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre exploring the relationship between his Buddhist practice and its impact on working on the mental health frontline during the pandemic.

10. ‘Why Practice Samadhi?’ by Dayajoti
Describing some of the many different reasons to engage with Samādhi practice, Dayajoti places Samādhi in the context of the broad view of practice within the Triratna tradition, as encapsulated in the Triratna Mandala of Practice. Talk given as part of an online ‘Body of Bliss’ retreat in 2021.

11. ‘The Buddha’s Social Revolution’ by Subhuti
In this impassioned talk at the London Buddhist Centre’s 2021 Buddha Day celebrations, Subhuti explores the nature of social conditioning. In doing so, he calls for greater efforts to understand differing experiences and an attempt to relate on the basis of the Buddha’s radical vision for humankind.

12. ‘A Christmas Carol’ read by Various
Our final highlight is a seasonal gift for all our supporters, featuring a special Dharma talk by Ratnaghosha on ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, complete with a full reading by an amazing set of friends of the classic tale of kindness and compassion.

You can also listen to the complete audiobook here.

In 2022 the current site will (finally!) be easy to use on all your devices, including the ones you carry with you! And in 2023 we will be giving Free Buddhist Audio a complete overhaul, remaking it for the modern streaming world, including work on a Free Buddhist Audio app to reach even more people than our website has through the years.

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Thank you for your support – may you be continually inspired by the Dharma!

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