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FBA Podcast: The Dragon, The Tiger and The Wish-fulfilling Jewel

On Sat, 11 September, 2021 - 06:00
Sadayasihi's picture

Do we reflect on the Bodhicitta? Is it optional, a mystical goal we can take or leave? How does it become a motivating force in our lives?

Sangharakshita has described the Bodhicitta as a myth or symbol that galvanises our energies, something that makes sense of our lives, something emotionally moving that stirs us on a deep level. How are we to connect with that myth? Vajratara takes us on a journey of a deepening engagement with the Bodhicitta, evoking the Bodhicitta through 3 myths.

Talk given on an ordination retreat at Tiratanaloka Retreat Centre, July 2021.

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