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Dharmabyte: Exploring the Movement of the Mind as Wind

On Thu, 20 August, 2020 - 14:00
Sadayasihi's picture

Kamalashila explores the nature of wind as energies moving around in the body as well as outside the body.

Kamalashila has spent a lot of his adult life exploring meditation - and this talk is a lovely little foray into the whole subject as a crucial aspect in life and practice, with special consideration given to reflection on the six elements.

From the talk entitled Simplicity given at Triratna (FWBO) Day, 2004.

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Kathryn Lloyd's picture

Simply profound.  What a breath of fresh air!  Thank you for posting.

Also thoroughly appreciated listening to the whole of Kamalashila’s talk ‘Simplicity’. 
It’s good to raise awareness of some of these naturally occurring felt experiences in the body as a key to stay with the practice and not to become overwhelmed by fear or turn away from Dharma…. Especially when deeper psychological processes are in play and want to be revealed.

With Respect 🙏 ☔️