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Exeter Sangha outing to the Bristol Buddhist Centre to celebrate Triratna's 50th

On Tue, 11 April, 2017 - 09:11
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A group of us from Exeter and Devon travelled up to the Bristol Buddhist Centre on Saturday 8th April to join in with their celebrations. It was a lovely day and I personally really enjoyed being warmly welcomed by a larger sangha

As part of the day we listened to four short talks on one of Sangharakshita’s poems, Four Gifts: 

I come to you with four gifts. 

The first gift is a lotus flower. 

Do you understand?

My second gift is a golden net. 

Can you recognise it? 

My third gift is a shepherd’s round dance. 

Do your feet know how to dance? 

My fourth gift is a garden planted in the wilderness. 

Could you work there? 

I come to you with four gifts. 

Dare you accept them? 

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Loved the video :)