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The Divine Abodes - the upeksha bhavana

On Thu, 22 June, 2017 - 20:32
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We are continuing our exploration of the body of practices collectively known as the brahma viharas or the Four Immeasurables, and this last Wednesday we spent some time practicing and talking about the upekka bhavana   - the development of equanimity, ” when a mind imbued with metta applies itself to looking at the nature of existence”   - ” a loving and insightful responses based on applying pratitya samutpada [ the law of conditionality] so as to illuminate how others joy and sorry arise from conditioning factors that govern all beings”. [text taken from Kamalasila’s book on Meditation]. 

Here is a link to a guided meditation and short talks on the practices given by Ratnavandana  during a Rainy Season Retreat at the Bristol Buddhist Centre in 2015: 

Day 6: The cultivation of equanimity” 

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