Eight Step Recovery - Using the Buddha's Teachings To Overcome Addiction

Ocean breath

On Mon, 2 December, 2013 - 04:26
Vimalasara's picture
Day 16 is a meditation on breathing, in which we can think of the breath as a Higher Power. When we connect to the breath our lives can change without us trying to change it. Although the Buddhist tradition has no place for God as a creator divinity as understood by the theistic traditions, there is nevertheless a clear and definite understanding of a supra-personal dimension, an “Other Power” in Buddhism. The breath can act as the groundwork for connecting with the supra-personal. The song for day 16 is called Ocean Breath, written by Helen Greenspan, and sung by the Songsters. ‘Heart like ocean, just as the waves in an ocean arise and cease, let your thoughts and feelings arise and cease. Breath like anchor, just as an anchor steadies a boat, let the breath steady your emotions, thoughts and feelings’, with loving kindness Vimalasara

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