Eight Step Recovery - Using the Buddha's Teachings To Overcome Addiction

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery

On Wed, 30 March, 2016 - 04:17
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I hope some of you will join me in the Online Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery Course MBAR.  During the month of July I will be delivering a four week course, with interactive sessions weekly on how to work with our thoughts and  cultivate sobriety of mind. A mind free of the proliferation of thoughts. 

This Saturday April 2nd I will explore the second reminder - Impermanence and the inevitably of death. Together we will penetrate into the nature of this truth, to help us face our suffering, as stated in the first step of the 8 step model. Accepting that this human life will bring suffering. We are born and we will die. And in-between we must learn to face whatever arises with kindness. Death of this moment, this thought, this meal, this kiss, this life, is inevitable. Suffering and Joy is optional. Learn to live the joyous life, by penetrating the teachings that point to the truth. Healing and Insight 7pm UK Time 11am Pacific Time.

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Hi Vimalasara, how do people enrol on your online course? Prabhakari