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Healing and Insight

On Tue, 29 December, 2015 - 05:40
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www.WorldwideInsight.org is pleased to announce the launch of its online channel, Healing & Insight: Buddhist Health and Wellness dharma teachings. Every Saturday beginning January 2nd, 11am Pacific time, 7pm Greenwich Mean time. 

Free sign up and more information:

Worldwide Insight has offered an interactive live weekly Sunday dharma session, taught by renowned meditation teachers over the internet, for nearly a year now with great success. With nearly 5,000 people signed up from 70 countries and a growing weekly sangha it became apparent that there was a need for another channel focussing specifically on some of the harsh realities of life; Healing & Insight was created as a response.

Introductory video:

This new live online channel will explore the sharp end of suffering - including addiction in its broadest sense, depression, physical and mental pain, and stress - through the lens of the Buddhist teachings.

Healing & Insight will start Saturday January 2nd at 11am Pacific US Time, 2pm Eastern US time, 7pm UK time, 8pm European time. It will follow the same 90 minute format as the live Sunday sessions, consisting of 30 minutes guided meditation, 30 minutes dharma talk and 30 minutes’ opportunity to ask questions directly to the teacher, either via webcam or through the chat box.

We have over 40 teachers signed up all with very different backgrounds but united through their contact with Buddhism and the practice of presence, investigation and care when looking at and dealing with life’s difficulties. Each session is entirely based on dana (donation) whereby participants will have the opportunity to express their gratitude for what is given through generosity and appreciation.

All sessions will be recorded and made available on our website during the week following the live session.

Join us for our first session on the 2nd January with co-founder and guiding teacher of Healing & Insight, Vimalasara Mason-John. 

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