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The Triratna Development Team is looking for a new team member.

On Mon, 19 January, 2015 - 20:23
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The Triratna Development Team is looking for a new team member.

We are looking for an Order member, to work for the European Chairs Assembly, who is inspired and enthusiastic about the movement and who wants to make a difference. You will be working to develop, manage and support initiatives and projects that give expression to the Chairs Assembly’s and Preceptors College’s vision and strategy for the movement. The role will also involve resourcing the work of Buddhist Centres and groups, various administration duties and ‘networking’.

The other members of the team are Nandavajra (team leader), Amalavajra (fundraiser), Munisha (Communications and liaison work) and Singhamati (Young Buddhist Coordinator). We offer a support package, in usual circumstances, of up to £12K p.a. along with a retreat allowance of up to 8 week a year.

This is an opportunity to join a dynamic and successful team, and to help make a significant impact on the effectiveness of the movement.

A full job description and application form can be found with this notice. Please contact Nandavajra (nandavajra [at] or 01752 895940) for further details, support policy or guidance.
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