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International Practice Week: make your Dharma Doors poster!

On Wed, 8 August, 2018 - 14:10
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Development Team

Many thanks to Sanghadhara for creating this Dharma Doors mega-poster for the International Practice Week: Turning Arrows Into Flowers (22-29 September 2018)

You’ll see 2 options, one for A4 paper size, one for ‘Letter’ as used in the USA etc. The pdf has 8 pages, each with the front doors of 6 Triratna Centres, and which join together to form a lovely symbol of our international Sangha (see IPW overview picture).

To reduce dukkha, please bear in mind:

print in colour
don’t print double-sided - it just won’t work!
if possible, choose slightly heavier paper to make it more durable
when they are arranged in the correct order, you should be able to read ‘TRIRATNA’ along the top row, and ‘INTERNATIONAL PRACTICE WEEK’ along the bottom row…

This, together with other helpful resources and suggestions, will also be posted at the International Practice Week page. Why not be prepared and get this lovely poster ready for action?

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That’s very creative Sanghadhara, I was looking for some pictures of the Triratna centers outside India, I would like to print them in our magazine ” Buddhayana ” here in India. I will appreciate to have more pictures, my e mail address is nagaketu [at]

thanks again

with metta nagaketu