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Bhante's Seminars - now in 16 handsome volumes!

On Sun, 16 December, 2018 - 23:14
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Dear Centre Managers,

Since Bhante died around a month ago I have wanted to do something to mark his passing and to actively contribute to our wonderful Order and Community going forwards.  This impulse, together with a few late nights, has manifested in a new collection of 16 substantial volumes, all available via his Collected Seminars! You can find them very easily by going to and searching for “sangharakshita seminars”. 

As most of you will know these have been available on Free Buddhist Audio for many years in pdf form; I have grouped them into 5 broad themes, tidied them up, added comprehensive indexes, and published them as books - now available for you or your Centre to buy online via Lulu!  Either single volumes or the whole set… They are raw seminar transcripts but as we all know Bhante is remarkably focused and articulate when expounding a subject, and taken together they form an extraordinary mine of Dharma Jewels, also of course throwing a wonderful light on the dynamics of our Sangha in it’s very early days. There are a further two volumes of Bhante’s Collected Lectures also available on Lulu, making 18 volumes in all…

10 million words doesn’t come cheap as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, but they are all up there at cost price and would make a fabulous addition to any Buddhist Centre library.  If your Centre happens to have any spare cash, do consider investing in them…

All good wishes to all, Lokabandhu

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Thanks for doing this Lokabandhu! I will be saving up for these!

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If you’re interested in Sangharakshita’s seminars in book form for your Centre Library or community, , Lulu have a 20% off discount until midnight on 7/2/19, simply quote TWENTY19 at checkout…  You’ll find the seminars (and his Collected Lectures) by going to Lulu and searching for “sangharakshita seminars” or “sangharshita lectures”…