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Triratna Centre Managers
Welcome to this group - created specifically for all Centre Managers of Triratna Buddhist Centres around the world. A place to network, share, ask, listen, comment, rejoice… to use in whatever ways would be most helpful. And here’s why we’ve made it - a brilliantly-expressed message from Carol, manager of the Croydon Buddhist Centre, who says:

“I've been working for two years as manager at Croydon and although I get valuable support from the team, charity trustees and sangha, there is a feeling of lack of connection with other centre managers. I think that the current arrangements for the Chair's Assembly, Mitra Convenors meetings, teacher's meetings and order gatherings etc are a great way to connect with people movement wide and got me considering how we could bring this sense of friendship and cooperation to those who manage Buddhist Centres and groups.

“With quite a busy work space, I don't always have the opportunity to visit other centres and get to know managers, let alone discuss common issues, share ideas or simply to have support from someone who understands the role of managers in busy centres. With regards to how this would take shape, I do like both ideas of connecting with others via thebuddhistcentre.com, perhaps with a movement managers group. I think that there are some great resources on the Triratna Centre Support website, but I think that this could be greatly improved by having a network of managers who are able to share ideas, personal experiences, practice and resources. Perhaps also the opportunity to get together for an event which would have support, training aspects but also collective practice aspects.

“I'm very excited at the prospect of providing more opportunity for managers to connect with other centres. I look forward to seeing what may develop. Thank you for your time and interest.

Kindest regards
Carol Robertson
For and on behalf of Buddhist Centre Croydon”


Dear Centre Managers,