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Adults at risk/Vulnerable adults training event

On Mon, 21 August, 2017 - 13:32
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Booking now open for a half day training event for Triratna Safeguarding officers and trustees in the UK and Ireland, helping us all develop our understanding of the definition of ”Adults at risk’ previously known as ‘Vulnerable adults’.

Wednesday 4th October 2017
Birmingham Buddhist Centre 
12 noon bring your own lunch
1pm-4pm training with an external trainer from the CCPAS

Bookings by email to 
munisha [at]

Who can attend?
This is an event for Order members only: primarily Safeguarding officers - but you are also welcome to send a Chair or trustee so that more than one person in your Centre or enterprise has the training and can help share this with your council etc.

Why is this important?
Last November we held training in child protection: how to keep those under 18 safe from harm.

Now we need to look at a much less well defined area: how to meet charities’ duty of care to those who are 18 or over and may be vulnerable to harm in some situations.

£20 per person
Please bring cash or a cheque on the day.
(Cheques to Triratna Chairs’ Assembly, please.)

With metta,

PS Why must your Safeguarding officer be an Order member?

1) It’s very important that Safeguarding is led by those most senior so that everyone can see your charity and sangha take it very seriously.

2) Although some mitras have excellent specialist Safeguarding knowledge, they cannot be put in a position where they might have to challenge an Order member’s behaviour - especially if they depend on local Order members’ good opinion of them, to approve their ordination request, for example.

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