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Return of the Croydon Art Centre?

On Tue, 18 August, 2015 - 18:14
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Part of Triratna East Surrey Buddhism and meditation group (T.E.S) program of events for next year is to arrange eight day retreats themed around the eight traditional offerings found on many Buddhist shrines.

The subject of the eighth, that of entertainment, has led to the proposed creation of some sort of Art Festival. As many may know the Croydon Buddhist centre was an amazing Art centre back in the day and maybe it can be once again.

at this germinal stage we are looking for team members, ideas, venues and possible contributors. All artists, in all artistic disciplines, we need you!

Please contact, in the first instance, Padmapriya with what you can offer.

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In an effort to raise both awareness and funds for this event we now have an online store you might find interesting.