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Video talks from the Buddhafield Festival's Dharma Parlour

On Wed, 15 August, 2012 - 22:50
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Thanks to Upeksapriya from Triratna’s VideoSangha, the remaining talks given in the recent Buddhafield Festival’s Dharma Parlour are now online and available. Browse the set here, or just choose your favourite from the list below!

Akasati: Heart and Soul: the Power of Ritual.
Vajrasara: Embracing Love
Jayaraja: Love, sex and transformation of the heart
Dhivan: Doors to Freedom: the Buddha’s psychology of Liberation
Lokabandhu: Dharma Doorways and Dead Ends.
Khemasuri: Living an illusion… dying to escape
Padmadharini: “Not knowing it is near, they seek it afar. What a pity!”
Kulamitra: Sitting with Suffering: Relaxing with Reality

You’ll also find them in audio format on the Buddhafield community page over at Free Buddhist Audio.

Plus there’s three talks by guest speakers from other traditions:

Mark Leonard, from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre: Breaking down barriers: mind, body and environment.
Mindfulness changes the way we experience mind and body. How might embodied experience affect our relationship to ourselves, others and our environment?

Venerable Amaranatho, a wandering Theravadin Buddhist monk: The key is in the door.
An exploration of freedom and why most of the time we don’t want it.

Yanai Postelnik, a teacher at Gaia House: Living in Rental Accommodation: the reality of change.
All conditioned things turn out to be unreliable. Recognising and accepting the truth of impermanence and insecurity allows us to let go into the vast truth of life, to live with an open heart amidst the unbounded nature of existence.

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