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Dharma Parlour programme 2012: Doorways to Freedom...

On Tue, 19 June, 2012 - 17:54
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Theme of the 2012 Dharma Parlour (and the Buddhafield Festival as a whole) is Doorways to Freedom… Here’s what’s confirmed for the programme so far:

* Dhivan, author of a new book on conditionality (called ‘This being, That Becomes’) will be leading study.
* Vajrasara will be giving a talk: Embracing Love.
* Lokabandhu will be hosting the Dharma Parlour and giving a talk: Dharma Doorways and Deadends: Not All that Glitters is Gold.
* Therevadin Buddhist Monk Amaranatho, and Mark Leonard from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre will be part of a panel discussion called Cultural Shift: Bridging the gap between Science and Dharma.
* Christopher Titmuss will be leading a Dharma Inquiry.
* Khemasuri will talk on the theme of Living an illusion, Dying to Escape.
* Akasati will give a talk: Heart and Soul: the Power of Ritual.
* Dearbhaile Bradley will be offering four workshops on the Work that Reconnects based on the work of Buddhist ecologist Joanna Macy.

Check back here for recordings of the talks, audio clips, photos and lots else… If you’re coming to the Festival itself, please check notice boards for details/times and look out for the Dharma Parlour flyer.
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