The Dharma Parlour - part of Triratna's Buddhafield Festival

Buddhafield Festival video talk: 10 Ways to Misunderstand Buddhism. No. 6

On Mon, 25 November, 2013 - 09:20
lokabandhu's picture
The latest in our occasional series of video talks from the 2013 Buddhafield Festival features an engaging talk by Lokabandhu with the curious title ‘10 Ways to Misunderstand Buddhism, No. 6: “It’s all about Detachment”’. What the first five ways (or the last four) might be have not yet been revealed, but no.6 makes the serious point that Buddhism is NOT about detachment from the world; rather, that it should be a path of spiritual training preparing the student for a far more effective engagement with the world.

The talk was given in the Festival’s Dharma Parlour area, as part of the overall theme of the Festival which was ‘Fire In The Heart’, with Amitabha, the red Buddha of the West, presiding. Lokabandhu works for the Triratna Development Team and lives in Glastonbury, UK. He is a Trustee of Buddhafield.
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