The Launch of Dharma@work

On Sat, 16 November, 2013 - 13:09
shraddhasiddhi's picture
Hello everyone, I hope you’ve had a good Urban Retreat? There’s been loads going on, both online, and at Buddhist Centres around the globe. We’re launching this group on The Buddhist Centre Online because most of us spend most of our waking lives engaged in some form of paid or volunteering work - we are active beings, and like to work! This group is designed to share our inspiration together about how we are managing to practice the dharma in our working lives. Unless the dharma touches our working lives, our dharma life will remain compartmentalised, and separate, from what we do in the rest of our lives. Are you someone that turns into a Buddhist or a meditator for parts of the day, and then struggles to integrate those parts of yourself in the work arena?

Click the big green button “+ join” above, to be kept up to date with new posts and to be a part of the discussions. You can post questions, or comments, and link up with other people, who, no matter what job they do, and where they live, are trying to practice the dharma at work!
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