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Sangha nights in December

Posted by Rich Gifford on Mon, 1 October, 2018 - 09:09
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Rich Gifford

Sangha evening on 5th December will give us an opportunity to relax and meditate together.  We will begin with a lying down meditation, and also meditate sitting and walking.  
Hope you can come and enjoy a quiet, spacious evening together.

December 12th.    An evening on Wisdom, led by Punyamati, 

who is kindly visiting us from the Croydon Buddhist Centre.

Prajñā or paññā in Buddhism is wisdom, understanding, discernment, insight, or cognitive acuity. It is one of three divisions of the Noble Eightfold Path. Such wisdom is understood to exist in the universal flux of being and can be intuitively experienced through meditation. 

December 19th.    Practice evening based on revering the Heart Sutra and the Prajnaparamita, and our last meeting this year!

PLEASE NOTE There won’t be a sangha evening on 26th December.  
There will be one on 2nd January.  Happy New Year!

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