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A Well-Thatched House !

On Tue, 21 February, 2017 - 15:42
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Carol Robertson

With purlins, joists, struts and every angle strengthened, our shrine roof is well on the way to becoming ‘well-thatched’. Velux windows are ready to be fitted, lovely clean fascias are appearing, and insulation is filling the space. Building control gave the thumbs up to the construction and final preparations are underway for the rubber membrane to be fitted.

Electricians are in this week, running wiring for our new lighting and heating throughout the shrine room and reception area, the new windows and doors are being made, and there is an overall positivity in the air. We’re still reciting mantras for dry weather, just in case!

We’ve started receiving donations from sangha members which will help to counter the additional costs of refurbishment works, but we still have a long way to go. If you would like to support our ongoing refurbishment, you can make a one off, or a regular donation by using the Paypal Donate button at the side of the blog page, here.

“As rain seeps through an ill-thatched hut, passion will seep through an untrained mind. As rain cannot seep through a well-thatched hut, passion cannot seep through a well-trained mind”. (Dhammapada – Eswaran translation)

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