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Ratnaghosha - the Challenge of Kindly Speech

On Sun, 6 September, 2015 - 01:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
Croydon has been home to FWBO or Triratna Buddhist communities and centres since 1968. Many early talks by well known speakers were recorded, both at Aryatara, since 1979, and at the new Croydon Centre from 1981. These are now being transferred from their crumbling cassettes to digital format, as part of the Croydon Digital Archive Project, and are being made available to everyone. In this talk from 1995, Ratnaghosha explores the speech precepts and links them to the sangharavastus as a way of building a strong and supportive sangha. He challenges us to change our habitual ways of speaking and illustrates his ideas with quotes from Imam al-Ghazali and Wordsworth. The tape quality is good, but there are a couple of blips towards the end of the recording.
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