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Hidden Gems Office Appeal

On Mon, 29 February, 2016 - 21:33
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Carol Robertson

Hidden Gems Needs You!
The heart of the Hidden Gems charity shop project is in our basement office, where we share tears, tea and our inspiration regularly. But it’s in a bit of a state. There’s holes in the ceiling, spaghetti like wiring and a tatty carpet. We’d love to make this a space of beauty.

What made the project possible two years ago, when we transformed Oasis into a Charity shop, was all the generous help from the Sangha. People offered painting, wall papering, electrics and general labour.

What we’d like is;
new flooring 
to fill holes
a lick of paint 
to tidy the electrics and
to have a major clear out. 

Can you support this new phase in the Hidden Gems story either financially or with practical help? We would like to raise around £1000 to cover the costs of the redecoration.
If you are able to donate you can do so up to the 31 May 2016 via our website Hidden Gems or by popping in and speaking to one of the team. There will also leave a donation box in the centre marked for this appeal.

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