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April Showers Lead to May Flowers

On Tue, 11 April, 2017 - 16:51
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Carol Robertson

On the surface, there isn’t a lot of news this week as we’ve been spending much of our time continuing to scrape, fill, sand and paint our way through the kitchen and reception area.Though I do have to say that walking through the gravel in our garden with a magnet on a stick, looking for nails and screws, was a new one for me! So it’s much the continuation of last week’s blog.

However, as we score off another job on our list, there’s a growing satisfaction of seeing the rough edges finished off, in what remained of, our old reception. There is a real sense of the positive effort and energy we’re bringing to our centre, is a preparation of seedlings in the garden, which in a few weeks time, will really start to bloom. On top of excitement, I feel a strong sense of devotion, which has coincided with and grown from reading about the Triratna 50 birthday celebrations around the movement. Such a precious opportunity.

We’d like to thank all the wonderful people who have so far donated £2169.34 (before Gift Aid) to our ongoing appeal for funds for our project. If you would like to support our project, please consider making a donation using the paypal giving link on the project page here.

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