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Why Does Meditation Work?

On Mon, 22 July, 2013 - 23:45
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Dear Coogee Meditator

Why does meditation work?

Why are mainstream health and care workers recommending it to help avoid relapse into depression, for pain management, stress reduction and to assist people work with and manage such things as will-power and social anxiety (to name just a few)?

Meditation offers an individual a very simple and accessible way to gently and kindly notice what is going on in their own mind. It is a tool that one can learn quite easily and then over time gradually develop into an ongoing practice that will stabilise and integrate the different bits of themselves into a harmonious and comfortable process.

As Buddhists we believe that the practice of ethics goes hand in hand with meditation; as one meditates, one’s ethical behaviour will develop and vice versa.

The combination of ethical training and meditation practices will over time have a powerful and beautiful effect on your experience of life.

I hope you will keep your interest in meditation alive by joining us for Thursday night sits at the Coogee Croquet Club 7 – 8.30 pm

This week Padmadakini will be leading us through the Mindfulness of Breathing practice

Much metta


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