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What's Your Inner Potential?

On Tue, 14 July, 2015 - 05:05
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“Meditation and and the effects of mindfulness on body and mind are now accepted in our society. Meditation enables us to create the conditions for the most profound changes in body, mind and emotions. 

Most of us have little self knowledge because we tend to be so externally focussed on objects, events or situations. We’ve been able to walk on the moon, but not find peace in our hearts, because we don’t know how to work creatively with our thoughts and feelings. 

Training in meditation changes this and enables us to explore and unfold our inner potential in a safe and creative way. In doing so we learn to face, come to terms with and integrate our emotional issues. This matures the mind and prepares it for the greater journey into spiritual realms. 

We begin meditation by making friends with ourselves, our minds, our emotions, our fears. We accept what is there and relax in its presence, free from the sense of having to get rid of anything of fight with negative mental states. This is a huge relief and brings great strength and stability to the mind. It allows the growth of a new kind of mind: one that is tolerant, compassionate, able to free itself from fear forever ………….

Living Dreaming Dying        Rod Nairn

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