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On Tue, 23 February, 2016 - 04:59
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Somerset Maugham’s novel ‘The Razor’s Edge’ adapted into a movie was one of the seminal influences that turned me into both a meditator and a Buddhist. 
I saw the Bill Murray version in the 80’s but the original starred Tyrone Power. Interestingly a Buddhist house painter and passionate Vipassana meditator who I’ve got to know over recent years also cites this story as a profound influence on his spiritual path. So much so that he and his wife opened a restaurant in Newtown at one time known as ‘The Razor’s Edge’! Christopher raved about the original version with Tyrone Power and to back him up I noted that it won a swag of Academy Awards. 

So ……… on March 12th you are very warmly invited to join us for a showing of the original version starring Tyrone Power. Hopefully Christopher and his wife Elizabeth will be our guests of honour and will give a ‘Margaret Pomeranz, David Stratton’ introduction.’

Coogee Croquet Club
March 12th
6 pm 
Bring a plate of vegetarian food and a non-alcoholic drink to share

Free Admission

Meditation this week:

Thursday 7 - 8.30 pm
Sunday    8 - 8.50 am

NB: Please book in for our Anzac Day long weekend retreat
Book using this link…

All welcome to join for a super friendly, meditation soaked chill out on the banks of the Georges River!

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