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A Visit to Disneyland

On Wed, 26 April, 2017 - 01:30
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North Ryde RSL Selfie (or groupie)

On Friday night myself and a few others were lined up to hear Ajahn Brahm speak about The DNA of Kindness out at Homebush. One of my community brothers, Arjan, had kindly offered to drive us there and we were to meet a few more at the venue.
As we cruised through the M2 Freeway tunnel the headlights of his BMW mysteriously failed and the motor progressively died. Fortunately we exited the tunnel before coming to a complete stop with cars swooshing past us at high speed in the fading light of day. 

This somewhat dangerous and stressful situation was alleviated by the very prompt and professional arrival of a tow-truck courtesy of the freeway management system and thus begun a long evening of getting us and car sorted. Their tow-truck simply gets you off the freeway to the nearest cross street and then from North Ryde you find your own way home …….

Sally and I had a good chuckle about the irony of this happening on the way to a Buddhist talk about happiness ………. this was the point where she and I could cut our losses, Uber our way on to the venue and leave Arjan to deal with things ……… After some discussion and phone calls to the NRMA I’m pleased to report that we agreed to stay together and manage the potentially long wait for help to arrive.

And so on the eve before Anzac Day we made our way to the North Ryde RSL to find somewhere to prop.

For me it was one of those situations where I’m susceptible to annoyance and or frustration at missing something I had anticipated and looked forward to but also having enough mindfulness present to just see it and find a creative response to it. It’s actually recognising the ‘demon’ of my own desire for life to work out on my terms and saying to it ‘You are seen’.  Then of course, the opportunity to support Arjan in his time of need and to spend rare and precious time with my Dharma buddies blossomed. What could have been a story about missing out and irritation became one of cultivating friendship and trust.

How good are the teachings of the Buddha?!

So in an indirect way Ajahn Brahm provided us with a teaching anyway
The fact that we ended up in a Disneyland funded by pokie machines rather than a large hall full of people meditating on kindness was somehow very cool ….

Hope you can meditate with us this week:
Thursday     7 - 8.30 pm
Sunday        8 - 9 am
Much metta
Dharmalata and Padmadakini


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