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Starting from where we're at ....

On Tue, 19 September, 2017 - 04:00
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Looking after our mind, taking responsibility for it …… it’s what meditation is about. And it needs some care, diligence and plenty of patience. And we need to start from where we’re at. 

Meditation can be one of the conditions of our life that we can gradually take care of and nurture. We start from where we are and gradually apply ourselves to stillness, peace and a kind and friendly attitude.

Like a garden or a potted plant, it won’t manifest into vibrant, rich and healthy growth overnight but if we take care, watch and support it with the right conditions we give it every chance of doing so.

Not so many months back I rescued a small orange tree that my godson left at our house years ago. It had been lost in the growth of the hedge that runs in front of the veranda wall. It was very scraggly, the remaining leaves had been savaged by insects but it was clinging on despite lack of food and regular watering. 

I’ve been feeding it, watering it and at Gina’s suggestion stripped back most of the old, insect munched leaves and ………… this spring ……. the new growth! I am taking quite a lot of delight in watching it ………

We are like that …….. we need to take care of the conditions of our life
Meditation is one of the most powerful ways I know to grow beautifully

Hope you can join us 

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Much Metta


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