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A Special Treat!

On Tue, 11 August, 2015 - 03:08
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I don’t often give rave reviews but today I’m going to …………

On Thursday night we have a guest – A member of the Buddhist order I belong to coming along to join us. He will lead the sit and talk to us afterwards for a bit. 

Ratnavyuha worked with us at the Sydney Buddhist Centre for a number of years before going to serve the Auckland Buddhist Centre where he still remains. 

Ratvavyuha is an extraordinarily capable human being and an extraordinarily beautiful one. My take is that years of living a very wholehearted Dharma life has yielded rich fruits. 

I really, really hope lots of you will come along and meet him. Surely it will be good to have a fresh take unlocking your own meditation practice!!


Ratnavyuha discovered the Triratna Buddhist community in 1992 whilst completing a PhD in Economics. The well articulated and contemporary presentation of the Dharma, accompanied by explicit practices leading to tangible experiences, introduced and kept him on this path of exploration.

Since being ordained in 1999, Ratnavyuha has led many courses, classes, and retreats both in this region and abroad. He is a senior member of the Order, part of the team responsible for the men’s ordination training process in New Zealand and Australia, and involved with the running of both the Auckland Buddhist Centre and Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre.

Thursday        7 – 8.30 pm

Sunday            8 – 8.50 am

Much Metta


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