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Regularity and Congruence

On Mon, 27 May, 2013 - 23:40
Dhammalata's picture
‘Whether he stands, walks, sits or lies down, as long as he is awake, one should develop this mindfulness. This they say is the noblest living here.’

Karaniya Metta Sutta

Running these meditation evenings is excellent practice for me; it makes me reflect on meditation more and it also directs me toward a more steady and authentic practice. I’ve always thought that there’s something fundamentally wrong if someone is trying to lead others in meditation and their own private practice is erratic or, at worst, non existent.

To be truly useful to others I think a meditation teacher or leader’s own practice should radiate and communicate to others beyond words. If you are going to a place of calm and kindness in your mind and consciously training yourself to be that way then surely others will experience this not only via the words but also through a congruence they can experience with your being and conduct: a big challenge but one that I hold myself accountable around …….

These are potent practices and the trick is to make them an integral part of how we live. I don’t believe we need to do hours and hours of practice to experience the benefits but regularity and the ability to stay connected to the practices and their application in daily life is very important.

Simply committing to these Thursday nights is very beneficial to my own daily practice and I am confident that any effort that you make to get to them will have very positive benefits for you. Great benefit flows from prioritising time to still your mind and appreciate yourself and others more consciously and deeply.

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