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The Rain of The Dharma

On Tue, 25 July, 2017 - 02:45
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Weekend just past we had giant surf in Coogee ……………

I sat up on the cliffs with one of my community brothers and watched the waves smash onto the rocks far below. It’s an awesome display of sheer weight and power. 
And then yesterday, just two days later, as I rounded the bend into Clovelly I looked out on the same spread of water and it was almost completely calm. 

I reflected that the wider context of my life is like that; storming one day and clear skies the next and it all needs to be embraced. 

Meditation is INCREDIBLY powerful as a tool to help me both recognise and manage myself in every situation life presents. By cultivating a mind that is spacious, non-reactive and kind there is actually nothing we can’t handle. 
I’m not saying I’m there yet but I do feel that lots of progress has been and is being made.

I hope you might join us on that journey of taming the mind

Thursday      7 - 8.30 pm
Sunday         8 - 9 am
Lots of metta
Dharmalata and on behalf of Padmadakini

PS: Really cool retreat coming up weekend of August 11 - 13 ‘The Rain of the Dharma’ - riffing off The Buddha’s parable that his teaching, like the rain,  falls onto all beings alike but what we grow into as a result of that rain is a unique and very beautiful expression of our being just as myriad seeds on the earth grow into myriad varieties of plant types. 
You can book on this link:

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