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The Rain of The Dharma

On Wed, 19 July, 2017 - 07:04
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One of my favourite parables given by The Buddha was ‘The Rain of the Dharma’
In it he says that just as the rain falls on the myriad diversity of seeds allowing them to grow into the plants they have the potential to be, so too the dharma rains down on myriad beings allowing them to grow into the true individuals they have the capacity to be.

This might be the theme of the forthcoming retreat that is open to all of you at Vijayaloka from August 11 - 13

I’d like to explore this them supported by a wonderful talk given by Sangharakshita (founder of our Buddhist movement) and Aryadharma (one of our order’s artists) and open up ways to get increasingly in touch with what is unique, powerful and special within each one of us. 

So if that sounds interesting please put the dates in your diary.
You can book on this link:

Also I have attached a scanned copy of the text ’Present Welfare Future Welfare’ on request of some who were at last Sunday’s morning meditation. It’s a great read and contains awesome advice straight from The Buddha’s mouth on how to live well in this life and prepare for those to come ….

Hope you can meditate with us this week:
Thursday   7 - 8.30 pm
Sunday     8 - 9 am
Much metta
Dharmalata and on behalf of Padmadakini


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