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As Perfect and Pure as a Polished Shell

On Tue, 29 April, 2014 - 12:29
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‘It is not easy , while living in a home, to lead the spiritual life utterly perfect and pure as a polished shell.’


To have the self control and poise to live peacefully, with kindliness and consistency in our domestic situations is a challenge. But it’s one we’ll be better equipped to realise with the help of a meditation practice that steers us toward friendliness and steadiness.

The Buddha said that the training of one’s mind will make us one who:

‘…..reunites those who are divided, a promoter of friendships, who enjoys harmony, rejoices in harmony, delights in harmony, a speaker of words that promote harmony.

Abandoning harsh speech, abstaining from harsh speech; he / she speaks such words as are gentle, pleasing to the ear, and loveable, as go to the heart, are courteous, desired by many and agreeable to many…..’

Hope you can join us for The Mindfulness of Breathing practice on Thursday night – a wonderful practice for stabilising one’s mind and thereby bringing lucidity and tranquility to one’s experience

7 pm Coogee Croquet Club

Please put our very first Dedicated Coogee Meditation Group Retreat into your diaries June 20 – 22 – more details to follow

Much metta

Padmadakini and Dharmalata

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