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On Mon, 23 November, 2015 - 01:46
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It’s my birthday on Wednesday this week

I’ve been wondering what I’ll do to celebrate it. Weeks ago I went to the lady who runs our Black Watch Cafe at Scots (okay so that’s what we offer as a tuck-shop) and ordered a gluten free, chocolate cake - she makes the most awesome cakes!!  It should be fairly large ………. and I was vaguely thinking I’d share it with my family and Buddhist Community. 

Then I read a section from one of the books Lisa has covered and catalogued for our Buddhist Community by Thubten Zopa Rimpoche and he talks very specifically about how one can use parties as acts of generosity rather than viewing as something to celebrate or mark for oneself. 

And so ………….. I’ve decided to bring my cake to Thursday night meditation to share with you ……. hope there’s enough!

So here’s the plan ………. meditate usual time and finish a bit earlier than normal then partay!!

I’ll bring a few extra things to make it go around and we’ll wind up around the usual time of 8.30 pm

ALSO - If you’re interested in coming on retreat with us on the weekend of Decemeber 4 - 6 please click this link and enrol now…

We’ll be looking at how to bring beauty and simplicity into our daily lives
And also if you’d like to avail yourself of some of the wickedly good resources online as part of our currently running ‘URBAN RETREAT’ Follow this link and register yourself    (click on the banner saying Urban Retreat)

you should all know about The Buddhist anyway - it’s fab!!

Hope to see you at meditation

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