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On Tue, 29 October, 2013 - 05:33
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Dear Coogee Meditator

This weekend just past we had our first retreat – the theme was Deepening Friendship. The photo above was taken on the retreat by Brigitte.

Thanks to all who attended for making it such a rich and enjoyable time and I look forward to doing it again not too far down the track.

Sometimes when I am reflecting on our weekly meditation evenings in Coogee I think about how to make it as appealing as possible so that people feel encouraged and inspired to come along. It’s like ‘how do we dress this up or present it so that people really want to come along and do this regularly?’

And then I also reflect that these are just simple, beautiful practices that one needs to do regularly and with minimum fuss and fanfare – they are about simplicity, quietness and a heart opening toward self and other.

Hopefully what we can create is an aesthetic, calm oasis where those who are in need of and open to the profound benefits of meditation can taste enough of it to ‘catch it’.

What we are offering is the opportunity to use centuries old tools that anyone can use to change the way we engage with life; to develop a mind that finds kindness, clarity and spaciousness in every interaction and moment we live in.

This week we will be doing the Mindfulness of Breathing practice and I hope you can join us Thursday night at 7 pm

Much metta


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